CFAP partners with PetSmart for webinar series on compassion fatigue in animal caregiving!


Wednesdays, October 16, 23, 30

Webinars: Petsmart Charities
Compassion Fatigue in Animal Caregiving

All webinars 4 – 5 pm (PDT)

October 16: Compassion Fatigue and the Animal Welfare Worker

Animal welfare workers are known for having high levels of compassion fatigue. Society’s disregard for animals and their care often translates to shelter, rescue, and hospital environments by way of abuse, hoarding and mistreatment of our beloved furry friends. This one hour webinar aids animal caregivers in becoming knowledgeable about compassion fatigue, a secondary traumatic stress syndrome,  and how it manifests in our lives. Once we understand the underpinnings of compassion fatigue, we can then move forward and apply authentic, sustainable self-care practices to manage the symptoms and promote healing.

October 23: Creating a Compassion Fatigue Self-Care Plan

This webinar offers a blueprint for traveling the path to wellness. We’ll explore the difference between compassion fatigue, stress, and burnout, as well as become familiar with the Four Stages most workers experience as they enter the animal welfare world. You will receive suggestions to create your own Self-Care plan to promote wellness and healthy caregiving. The dynamics of compassion satisfaction will be introduced and how raising levels of compassion satisfaction can help lower levels of compassion fatigue. When this happens, we are then able to continue to do the animal advocacy work we love and is so badly needed in our world today.

October 30: Compassion Fatigue and the Animal Welfare Organization

In the last part of the series, organizational compassion fatigue will be explored. When the majority of the managers and staff suffer the symptoms of compassion fatigue, the organization itself takes on the distinct symptoms of organizational compassion fatigue. Information will be shared on how to recognize the symptoms, causes and how to move the organization into a place of productivity and sustainability. In the end, ignoring the effects of organizational compassion fatigue on the staff and volunteers will ultimately affect the animals and their ability to be rehabilitated, cared for properly and last, but certainly not least, their ability to be adopted into loving forever homes.


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