The Path to Wellness.

Now that we know, our journey has already begun.

Once we recognize that we’re a candidate for compassion fatigue, or are already suffering its effects, exploring this new awareness can lead to insights concerning past traumas, pain, and defeating behaviors. A common and understandable coping mechanism in caregiving is to simply stuff the overwhelming emotions that surface repeatedly in our work. How else can we keep going? Eventually, those emotions refuse to be ignored. All too often, psychological and physical crisis occur.

With support, insightful information, and authentic self-care we can begin to understand the complexity of the emotions we’ve been juggling and, most likely, suppressing. Most people never take the time to understand how their job affects them emotionally. We must give ourselves credit for moving forward and affecting change. Our hard work will pay off.

Authentic and Sustainable Self Care Begins With Each One of Us:

• Be kind to yourself
• Enhance your awareness with education
• Accept where you are on your path at all times
• Understand that those close to you may not be there when you need them most
• Exchange information and feelings with people who can validate you
• Listen to others who are suffering
• Clarify your personal boundaries. What works for you; what doesn't
• Express your needs verbally
• Take positive action to change your environment